I'm a PhD student at the Economics Department at Stanford University

My research focuses on microeconomic theory and behavioral and experimental economics

I hold a BSc and MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science

You can reach me at lbolte[at]stanford.edu

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Here you will find the current papers I am working on.

Working Papers

  • Interactions across multiple games: cooperation, corruption, and organizational design

    with Jonathan Bendor, Nicole Immorlica and Matt Jackson

  • Robust contracting under double moral hazard

    Revision requested, Theoretical Economics

    with Gabriel Carroll

  • The Role of Referrals in Immobility, Inequality, and Inefficiency in Labor Markets

    with Nicole Immorlica and Matt Jackson

  • Motivated Mislearning

    with Tony Q. Fan


Work In Progress

  • Emotional Inattention

    with Collin Raymond

  • The Role of Memory in Belief Formation

    with Markus Möbius, Tanya Rosenblat, and Pierre-Luc Vautrey